Box Marking of Maestro 4

This is an extra post for any sysudokies working up Maestro 4 for color bridging. After

1: NWm=>Wm, Sm.  2: Cm. 3:NWm=>Wm, Sm.  4: NEm=>Em.  5: SW5=>Sm.

6: Nm=>Cm, SWm.   7:  Nc5np67.  8: 

9: NE9=>(SEm, NE4=>(NW4m, NE5m=>E5m), NE2m), Cm.

the grid should be:

Line marking results will be in the next post.  Naked pairs do the elimination work, and we end with many bv’s and slinks.  I completed rows first and closed with three columns.


About Sudent

My real name is John Welch. I'm a happily married, retired professor (computer engineering), timeshare traveling, marathon running father of 3 wonderful daughters and granddad to 7 fabulous grandchildren. The blog is about Sudoku solving. It covers how to start, basic solving to find candidates efficiently, and advanced solving methods in an efficient order of battle. It is about human solving methods, not computer solving.
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