Packing for the Golden Nugget Exocet Assault

This post completes exocet removal testing, finding an unexpected consistency over the solution combinations.  These results are so telling, that we prepare for a sysudoku assault of the Golden Nugget. We bring up a partnering brigade of 30 2-patterns, in time for a Christmas eve attack.  This is not good tidings for the monster.

GN exotrial 24So how did it go with your exocet removal confirmation?  Did you manage nice loops with the naked pair solutions? Did you confirm champaign’s comment that “for each pair of digit(s) possible (for) solution for the base, the same pair (is) a solution for the target”?

These three checkpoint grids back you up on these results, and go forward with the immediate nice loop removals.

GN exotrial 27You can add similar removal diamonds for the 12r12c7, 14r12c7 and 17r12c7 trials.

Only the nice loop does damage here.  For both solutions the nice loops are identical, because they never cross rows 1 and 2.

All the exocet solutions remove 3r7c9, but the monster broods most about the other removals, although they become real only when the solution is found.

GN exotrial 47The 47 trial was so tough.  I had to copy the 4 chains and diamonds from the 24 trial and the 7 chains and diamonds from the 27 trial.

The monster may now be consulting with other monsters on the deep internet about what is developing here, something about that ridiculous trial in this blog a while back on his 2 patterns, and how exocet  plus pattern data  might combine to enable  the puny humans to win without their computer algorithms.

Monsters are smart.  LPO and these exocet results are something to worry about.  Both demonstrate the ability to disperse candidate fog.  If exocet alternatives are extended with compatible pattern slices, the trials of the six to twelve combinations could be decisive.

After the trial of October 29, I found that left to right freeforms sliced the 2 patterns effectively, and then sliced these pink and olive sets again into blue and green subsets.  This divided the 30 2-patterns into ten sets of patterns, most sets  having 3 or 4 patterns, and these having 3 or 4 candidates in common.

The pink patterns start in the NW box; the olive patterns in the W box.  The patterns are then sliced by how they cross columns 4 and 5. Pins are the candidates common to the patterns on the panel.  These can be added for a trial of the whole panel, an intermediate level of trial that can decrease the number  necessary.

gn pink 2 patsgn 2 olive patsSo here are the marching orders for this sysudokie grey matter siege of the Golden Nugget.  After marking the six GN exocet alternatives as far as you can, determine which 2-patterns remain viable in each surviving alternative.  Add the common 2-candidates to the trial of the alternative, or use the patterns as trial alternatives.  And continue marking, watching for further pattern definition to occur.

I plan to have Golden Nugget in the bag for the New Year’s eve post.  Next time I’ll have some exocet trials completed to compare with, but I’m not saying which. Join the march.

About Sudent

I'm John Welch, a retired engineering professor, father of 3 wonderful daughters and granddad to 7 fabulous grandchildren. Sudoku analysis and illustration is a great hobby and a healthy mental challenge.
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