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Gordon Guide Puzzle Review

This post reviews the collection of 700 Frank Longo puzzles following the text in the Gordon Guide to Solving Sudoku. A review table summarizes the Sysudoku rating of 10 preselected puzzles, and one advanced puzzle is analyzed in detail. The … Continue reading

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Cycling Blindfolded with the Guide

This post calls out Gordon Guide misguidance related to coloring, slink chains and the XY chain. AIC fundamentals are omitted in favor of ineffectual strategy and renaming of well known AIC formations. First, lets checkpoint the basic solving of the … Continue reading

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Wings and Chains With the Gordon Guide

This post reviews the Chapter 9 of Peter Gordon’s Sudoku Guide, entitled Forcing Chains and Grid Coloring. The guidance is very limited, and what there is, promotes guessing as opposed to solving by logic. This verdict is confirmed in the … Continue reading

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An Update on the Slink Marking Bypass

This first post of 2015 updates sysudokies on the slink marking bypass, a preliminary stage of box marking introduced in late 2014. Experience now warrants that the bypass, as it will now be referred to, be accorded a permanent starting … Continue reading

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