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Bird’s JE Solution of Unsolvable 197

This post comments on David P. Bird’s Junior Exocet soutions of Unsolvables 190 and 197, posted in comments on Andrew Stuart’s Weekly Unsolvables page.  Bird describes his JE definition as a means of spotting exocet patterns.  However, it can  be … Continue reading

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Completing CLEF for Unsolvable 197

This post notes how base candidate combinations of an exocet can be reduced in additional ways, then continues the exocet trials of Unsolvable 197 by means of Sysudoku Chute Lettering Exocet Filter.  This technique is, in part, a systematic way … Continue reading

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CLEF-ing Unsolvable 197

This post is a completely traced report of a solving of Unsolvable 197 by Sysudoku Chute Lettering Exocet Filtering.  The Unsolvable 197 double exocet is in the North band, in contrast to the earlier CLEF solved Unsolvable 190, with the … Continue reading

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Jacobs’ Sudoku for the Brave

Coming back to basics, this post reviews Charlie Jacobs’ collection of basic puzzles, Sudoku for the Brave. The book has no commentary at all.  Just puzzles and solutions. Charlie labels his 200 puzzles “Extreme”, but they don’t come close to … Continue reading

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CLEF Homework on Unsolvable 190

Here is a checkpoint Sysudoku reader’s homework on the Sysudoku Cross Line Exocet Filter introduced in the previous post. Was it hard?  I stumbled many times on the 3467 case of the last week, and I may need corrections on … Continue reading

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