Fick’s Advanced Path on Only Extreme 3

In the pre-review post of August 29, Cluster Extension by Not-Both Trials, a series of coloring cluster expansions were made by testing the not-both condition for AIC slink coloring. Like other trials, this tactic is considered extreme here in Sysudoku. My friend Gordon Fick responded with a grouped AIC ANL which keeps Only Extreme 3 in advanced Sysudoku territory.  Here we use it, after the irregular XYZ, AIC nice loop, finned X-wing, and Sue de Coq of the pre-review post.

Here is the grid  after the follow up of the Sue de Coq, showing  the two AIC slinks  under consideration for blue/green expansion. 

Beginning in the NE, the AIC does a grouped 8-chain slink and reversed XY to 6-chain to XY terminal, removing two 8’s.


The follow up





brings the 6-wing that Gordon anticipated in his alert.






a new red/orange coloring traps 3r7c4 to wrap red and hand in the orange and blue solution.

Unless you consider Gordon’s AIC ANL extreme, and many would agree with that, Only Extreme 3 is only advanced.

Now to Only Extreme 46.


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