A Timely Finned Fish in funster Extreme 88

Continuing the review of Charles Timmerman’s funster Hard to Extreme Sudoku, with Extreme 88.

The basic compensates for a modest  bypass with a favorable line marking. A naked single early and a finned 2-wing late. Finned fish is a topic recently added to the Sysudoku Guide.

The finned X-wing is ordinarily spotted on the X-panel, but looking up from the 2-slink on r8, the presence of the victim in the box of the fin jumps out at you.





Following the regular order is a regular 237-wing.



After the follow up,

I try to enlist the naked pairs in coloring.

The cluster expands by trapping 2r2c8, and blue is wrapped in r5. Game over.









Next is Funster Extreme 102 which illustrates a Sysudoku theme in an unusual way.

Also, a Guide page on Coloring Fundamentals is now available, off of the Sudoku Advanced page

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My real name is John Welch. I'm a happily married, retired professor (computer engineering), timeshare traveling, marathon running father of 3 wonderful daughters and granddad to 7 fabulous grandchildren. The blog is about Sudoku solving. It covers how to start, basic solving to find candidates efficiently, and advanced solving methods in an efficient order of battle. It is about human solving methods, not computer solving.
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