Beware 195 Ends a Basic Review

In this final post of the review of Will Shortz’ Hard Sudoku v.1, Beware! Very Challenging 195 is solved in the bypass. The review table is included for comparisons.  A new mode of blog posts will include reports and links to updates on earlier reviews, beginning with the Insane collection from Krazy Dad.

On Beware 195, here is the grid as the fourth 3-fill ted in c6.





Beware 195 is in collapse as 3-fill c6[129] is marked, and we never get back to the previous 3-fill r8[589].

With the modest title, it might have been expected, but Hard Sudoku v.1 measured out to be the easiest of the three Will Shortz collections reviewed here. Three solved in the bypass, and the rest in line marking.

All while assembling candidates for advanced methods.

From one of the easiest to one of the most difficult outside of the monster class, the next posts are about an updated review, originally done in 2013, less than a year after the blog began. The  collection, Krazy Dad Insane stands out in its introduction to human solving refinements now being reported in a consolidated, more accessible form in the Sysudoku Guide.

The next post also marks a departure in the Sysudoku blog.  From 2013 it has been mostly a series of reviews on collections and the views of experts.  The 2012 year was taken up introducing advanced methods, and was written with very few sources of examples.

While such reviews will continue, readers will now be guided to update earlier reviews and navigation pages. The updated posts will remain in the original files by date. Current weekly posts will alert readers to the updates, and comment on them.

Also, where it corrects omissions and creates a more accurate account of Sysudoku methods, results from  Andrew Stuart’s solver, as accessed on, will be reported with acknowledgement.

The 2012 introductions to advanced methods still apply, but are now better accessed in the Guide, where the many refinements are explained in the same pages, and many more examples are cited.

So from now on, you can follow up on posted reports by looking up method explanations in the Guide by subject , and solving history to check your efforts in the original posts by date. Hopefully, most reviews can eventually be updated. Comment with suggestions are welcome.

The KD Insane review posts began with Insane 415 on July 16, 2013. No, there is no 405. The number 415 stands for volume 4, book 1, and number 5.  The review goes through the books in volume 4, picking on number 5 in each book. There is no book 0, but there is a book 10, and a review puzzle 4X5. Please talk me into doing another volume of Insane puzzles.

My advice is to start by going to, following links to Sudoku, Insane, v. 4 and trying book 1, number 5 yourself, just to get in the swing. The puzzles are free, but Krazy Jim wouldn’t mind a donation eventually.

Then go to the original post. If you haven’t tried it, use the monthly archive list to the right. On the page, you’ll see why each post begins with a brief summary. Click on The Insane Review Begins, and maybe bookmark that until you finish with the post. Read some, and you’re ready for the next post, which will comment on the updated solution.

About Sudent

I'm John Welch, a retired engineering professor, father of 3 wonderful daughters and granddad to 7 fabulous grandchildren. Sudoku analysis and illustration is a great hobby and a healthy mental challenge.
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