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Metcalf’s Second Patterns Game Entry

This post reports a Sysudoku solution path for Mike’s second Patterns Game entry on a extraordinary pattern of givens. As a successful entry, I believe it had to meet the contest requirement for a simpler solution than is found here. … Continue reading

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Tracking a Patterns Game Entry

This post and the next explore two entries in the online Sudoku composing contest known as the “Patterns Game”. The contest is between Sudoku composers:  who can submit first puzzles with unique solutions that fit a “pattern” of givens issued … Continue reading

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FTSPAH 124 and 184 Close the Review

The FTSPAH review ends with a puzzle that might indeed frustrate experienced solvers, number 184.  It appears to require AIC building.  After the details, this post ends with a bypass trace of 124 which begins with three line 3-fills, and … Continue reading

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Two more Basic FTSPAH, 64 and 164

FTSPAH 64 exits in the bypass, and illustrates several bypass tactics that avoid the curse – invoking frustration that the  composers of FTSPAH puzzles claim on their cover. Its post partner 164 illustrates more bypass moves and survives for a … Continue reading

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