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Coloring ALS Value Groups in UHC 311

This post introduces the expansion of coloring clusters by coloring groups by grouped strong links, such as the those between value groups in ALS. This advance is especially significant as we address whether or not to exhaustively construct ALS and … Continue reading

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Recycle AIC Building on UHC 311

This post shows how the AIC building done by the review solvers on ultrahardcore 311 can be systematically duplicated by a human solver. The technique is a graphic one, very amenable to ©PowerPoint graphics, and slink marking of Sysudoku Basic. … Continue reading

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Dov Introduces Lite Coloring of ultrahardcore 311

This post finishes the lite coloring revisit of past trials with Dov Mittelman’s lite introduction. It leads to a solution of Stefan Heine’s UHC 311 without trial. This puzzle occupied 3 posts in the ultrahardcore review, starting with November 3. … Continue reading

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Lite Coloring Avoids Trials in KrazyDad 425

This post backs up your lite coloring effort, I hope, on KrazyDad 425. The initial lite trees deliver a cluster merge, and as these grow, lite coloring gives two confirmations and a coloring wrap to finish without trial. The first … Continue reading

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