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An ALS Map for UHC 311

This post describes a humanly practical way to identify ALS build an ALS map. The next considers how to use the map to build AIC and find ALS_XZ. The tools and procedures for ALS maps are demonstrated with the review … Continue reading

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Recycle AIC Building on UHC 311

This post shows how the AIC building done by the review solvers on ultrahardcore 311 can be systematically duplicated by a human solver. The technique is a graphic one, very amenable to ©PowerPoint graphics, and slink marking of Sysudoku Basic. … Continue reading

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Dov Introduces Lite Coloring of ultrahardcore 311

This post finishes the lite coloring revisit of past trials with Dov Mittelman’s lite introduction. It leads to a solution of Stefan Heine’s UHC 311 without trial. This puzzle occupied 3 posts in the ultrahardcore review, starting with November 3. … Continue reading

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Lite Coloring Avoids Trials in KrazyDad 425

This post backs up your lite coloring effort, I hope, on KrazyDad 425. The initial lite trees deliver a cluster merge, and as these grow, lite coloring gives two confirmations and a coloring wrap to finish without trial. The first … Continue reading

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