KDST 535 Trips on a Basic X-Wing

The X-wing is the easiest fish to spot. So easy, that the process of line marking finds it if you’re paying attention. KrazyDad’s Super-Tough v.5, b.3, #5 demonstrates.

The last line marked was r1, because it had the most free cells. When two 9 candidates line up with two already marked in r3, the new 9-wing rips through the bv.

In the basic trace,  the bypass starts with a naked pair and resolves two 3-fills. It’s a good one to read through.  Box marking reserves three cells. The 9-wing  removal triggers a steep collapse, before we close the columns.

Next week, it’s KrazyDad Super-Tough v. 5, b.4, #5,  on krazydad.com.

About Sudent

I'm John Welch, a retired engineering professor, father of 3 wonderful daughters and granddad to 7 fabulous grandchildren. Sudoku analysis and illustration is a great hobby and a healthy mental challenge.
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