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All the Way With Dave

This post goes through Sysudoku Basic with the Dave Green puzzle published in the Akron Beacon Journal on Sunday October 10, 2021. It’s the first in a series of published Conceptis puzzles selected to illustrate basic moves introduced in the … Continue reading

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Beeby’s Elbow Quad in shye’s Catherine Wheel

This post carries us through the Sysudoku process, with the elbow fireworks of the Catherine Wheel, a second 4-set quad example from shye’s forum posts, cited in Beeby’s notes.   From the givens grill at the end of last week’s … Continue reading

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The UHC Solvers on the Shye Fireworks

As announced last post, a series on Sysudoku Basic is postponed for another look at fireworks. In recent posts, we have been reviewing examples from forum commentator shye’s introduction of fireworks, and proposing a more limited, but  better defined form … Continue reading

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The Elbow n-set of shye’s Roman Candle

This post is about the sixth example of forum commentator shye’s introductory post on fireworks, his name for elimination methods based on the restriction of candidate values in row/box/column combinations. Our series of posts on fireworks defines a particular form … Continue reading

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