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Systematic Sudoku (Sysudoku) is a human engineered way to solve Sudoku puzzles, and provides graphic and completely documented examples and collection reviews at all levels. Diagrams and tables that aid solving are demonstrated.

 Over 500 weekly posts give complete examples with move by move traces for you to follow, and detailed diagrams of highlighted moves. Actively reading traces, by filliing your own grid as you anticipate, then verify each move, is an excellent way to discover and appreciate new techniques, and new situations.

The Menu Bar accesses the site elements are described below.

Latest Updates:

The Monthly Archive

Sysudoku posts can be accessed by scrolling back through posts, but individual posts are directly accessed by date.   Click on a month in the right side column under Archives and the posts of that month are shown with date, title and an opening phrase. Click to read the post. Comments and replies for the post are at the bottom of the full text. Categories and tags are also listed at there. Click on a tag for a list of posts with the same tag. Use the back arrow to close the display and , return to the month’s page for browsing. Another back arrow and you’re back to the original post, usually the home page.

Search Box

A Search box is at upper right on the post window. It brings a list of posts related to your search term, similar to the archive or tag list.

Menu Bar

The menu bar under the header picture links to the parent pages described  below. Click for the parent page, or drag down rightward for the menu for child pages.

About Sudoku

These pages briefly describe the distinctive Systematic Sudoku approach to solving puzzles. A walk through demo of Sysudoku Basic is included. . If you’re new, start with About Sysudoku


The page pyramid manual on Sudoku methods and Sysudoku innovations.


Click for the parent page that describes the contents of a review table. The review pages are included on some weekly posts. Drag for a list of reviews and dates, then use the monthly archive to get the review post.

Solving Tools

This is information on solving aids, including the use of  Microsoft ©PowerPoint and ©Word templates for solving, how to load a puzzle and how to draw curves, and coloring technique.

Sysudoku Speak

A glossary of Sysudoku and related Sudoku community terminology.

Sysudoku Traces

An explanation of follow up traces, which is probably unnecessary for experienced solvers.


This page lists post titles, organized by collection or reviewed author. It’s handy for browsing and includes dates for monthly archive access.

Comment on this page if you if you have navigation questions or suggestions.

About Sudent

I'm John Welch, a retired engineering professor, father of 3 wonderful daughters and granddad to 7 fabulous grandchildren. Sudoku analysis and illustration is a great hobby and a healthy mental challenge.
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