Advanced Sysudoku

11/08/11  Intro to Advanced Sysudoku

  The BV Scan     grid first, then with bv maps

menu bv scanDec 11     BV Grid Scan           Sue de Coq (SdC),Aligned Pair Exclusion(APE), BUG’s, Unique Rectangles

menu bv maps


Nov 11   BV Map Methods

XYZ wings, XY chains, ER and forcing chain  “seeing”, Death Blossom Lite


X-Panel Methods         applied panel by panel by number


menu Xpanels

menu xpanelsJan 12    X-Chains and Loops 

Linked chains and loops on a single number,                Alternating and slink loops, grouping

menu fishing


Mar 12     Fishing

Regular, finned, kraken, sashimi, and mutant fish.  Fishing facts and tools.


Grid Nets and AIC      strong link and alternate inference link networks

menu coloringMay 12   Medusa Coloring

Traps, wraps, bridging, merges. Coloring in the BV scan





menu AICs

June 12    AIC and ALS   

AIC hinges, XY reversals, ALS nodes, ALS toxic sets,  ALS Death Blossom


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