BV Scan

BV Grid Scan

SdC diagram1/09/12      De Coq on Sue de Coq       Chutes, line and box remainders, and alternates, on Sue’s original post

12/27/11     Sysudoku Sue de Coq         ALS forms, verification, SdC enumeration

menu APE1/03/12       Aligned Pair Exclusion   Requirements, finding removals



Uniqueness Methods

1/01/13     Mashing the BUG                Near BUG avoidance removals

menu UR1/8/13       The Unique Rectangle      UR advice on typical cases

1/15/13     Sysudoku UR Strategy      Removing parts and outside causes


menu extended1/29/13     Beyond the Rectangle       Extended rectangle and other local BUGs



               BV Map Methods  

menu XYZ11/10/11   BV map and XYZ-wings    The bv map, regular XYZ-wing, the WXYZ-wing


menu ER XYZ11/15/11   ER, forcing chain XYZ       Irregular wing construction, victim “seeing”.                        Finding wings.

menu XY11/29/11   XY-Chains     

 XY-wings and chains are AIC, toxic ends






menu XY railroad12/06/11   Conquering the XY Web   Enumeration technique for XY-chain ANL, the  XY railroad map





menu remote pairs12/20/11     The Remote Pair              

An XY-chain of the same two numbers. Conjugate pair removals.


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