Basic Sysudoku

places10/04/11     Slink marking    

Cell marking vs keypad, pages, grid layout, dublex, cross hatch, bypass

slink marking






10/11/11     Box Marking    Sweeps, slinks, aligned triples, marking order, traces, walk                                                          through

10/13/11     Line Marking  Fill string, line order, efficiency vs number scanning

line mark 4

10/20/11   Line Marking Follow Up     LM walk with actions, X-wing, locked sets,                                                                                      boxlines, LM closure.

boxline 11/31/12     Box/Line Removals

Boxline reduction, aka restriction, aka  interaction. Removals from boxes by lines

hidden triple10/25/11 Subsets and Susets                 naked, hidden locked sets,   Suset algorithm, Sudocue examples

10/27/11  Locked Set Enumeration    The cells/2 rule. A complete enumeration written out to illustrate.


01811/12/12   The 2012 Akron Sudoku Tournament

11/12/13   The 2013 Akron Sudoku Tournament

11/25/14   The 2014 Akron Sudoku Tournament


10/07/14   The Slink Marking Bypass   Introduction of bypass as a strategy for                                                                               timed, basic level competitions

1/06/15   Update on the Bypass          Accepting slink marking bypass as a  regular                                                                          opening stage for puzzles of all levels.


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