Extreme Sysudoku

Limited Pattern Overlay    Eliminating patterns based on conflicts among them

8/07/12     LPO, a Limited Form of POM     Pattern Overlay Method made humanly                                                                                          practical

8/14/12     Pattern Enumeration LPO          Pattern lettering and freeform                                                                                       enumeration, orphan patterns.

8/21/12     LPO Conflict Analysis                    Example of conflict table and conflict logic

8/28/12     Coloring LPO                                     Dividing patterns by color for conflict                                                                                         analysis

Pattern Analysis      Dividing patterns by slinked sets, with essential candidates marked                                         by coloring .  

10/9/12     Searching for Orphans       Freeform coloring, covering all candidates, to                                                                             find orphans

10/23/12   The Pattern Slink                  Lettering to find slinked subsets of patterns

7/30/13       Pattern Slicing                      Dividing Patterns for Trials, aka pink/olive analysis

8/20/13       Insane 455’s Twisted         Illustrating different pattern divisions by                                  Pink Olive                                change in freeform direction.

Exocet Trials    

12/10/13 Golden Nugget’s Exocet            Defines Sysudoku exocet as trial generator.

ALS Enumeration

7/24/12     Enumerating the ALS     Row, column and box maps for toxic set analysis

7/31/12     An ALS Petaled Death Blossom   A BV stemmed, ALS petaled Death Blossom


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