Monsters and Unsolvables

Stuart’s Unsolvable 40

9/04/12     Advancing on Unsolvable #40       Illustrates ALS stuck numbers

9/11/12       Unsolvable 40 Beats ALS                Unsuccessful ALS enumeration

9/18/12      LPO vs Unsovable 40                         Color panels and single conflict table

9/25/12     Unsolvable 40 Solved?                       Reduced, colored conflict tables are                                                                                             reluctantly solved by trial

10/16/12    Scrounging Pattern Sets in LPO   LPO conflict analysis on Unsolvable 40

10/23/12   The Pattern Slink                                A new form of conflict table. The                                                                                             pattern slink does a color wrap,

10/30/12   Unsolvable 40 Logically Solved    and delivers solution without trial.


The Golden Nugget

10/19/13     Experimenting with The     Basic results and LPO orphans search fails.                            Golden Nugget                         Pattern slicing trial fails with no progress, but                                                                                 clears fog

12/10/13       Nugget’s Exocet                     Exocet defines four trials with cut and paste                                                                                   nice loops.

12/17/13     Packing for the GN                 Nice loop removals and pink olive slices for the                       Exocet Assault                         assault trials

12/24/13     Three Golden Nugget            Traces of first three failing  trials.                         Exocet Trials

12/31/13     Human Solves Golden Nugget               The final Exocet trial.


Easter Monster

2/23/14    Steve’s Opening Volley                   Basic solving,  Kurzhal’s opening volley

3/4/14      Snake Attacks Easter Monster    Sudoku Snake interprets opening                                                                                           volley as a naked double loop

3/18/14    Advancing Colors On The EM    Two naked triples, mini corner clusters,                                                                                      patterns for blue to yellow merge.

3/25/14    Core Patterns in the EM                Blue to purple, red to maroon and red to                                                                                       grey patterns

4/01/14    Coloring Cluster Trials on the EM           Red to grey trial proves red merges into maroon. Blue to yellow commits EM to orange.

4/08/14    An Easter Monster Alibi Holds Up         Orange proves too much, and blue to yellow merge fails

4/15/14    The Easter Monster is Convicted               Freeform patterns are trimmed in blue to purple trials. Blue and red cluster armies win.



Hanson and Maranz’ Easter Monster

4/22/14           The Hanson and Marans EM                         The HM slink loop strategy. Sysudoku double nasty loops

4/29/14           The HMEM SK Loop                                         Removals from the four HMslink loops. The equivalent SK loop

5/06/14           Building a HMEM Blue/Green Cluster          Questions the loop linking HM strategy, but proves the slink between 3, 7 loops.

5/13/14         A Second Cluster for the HMEM                  Establishes the link between 4, 6 loops, as claimed by HM.

5/20/14         A Colorful Trial on the HMEM                        Intense pattern analysis reaches a wrap on one cluster. HM offers nothing similar.

5/27/14         Sysudoku Solves the HM Easter Monster   Swordfish and a grouped forcing chains expand blue/green. Then a forcing chain and SdC wrap green. An HM plan, but a sysudokie solution.

Fata Morgana

6/16/15         The Fata Morgana Exocet   identifies the exocet and reviews the Sysudoku interpretation of it as a trial generator.  Reveals the trial structures as nice loops constructed from interchangeable ANL, and displays two of them.

6/23/15         Trial 13 of Fata Morgana   checkpoints the third trial nice loop for readers and completes the first trial.


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