This is the heading page for Sysudoku methods.

The Begin page is the place to start learning about Sysudoku. It explains how Sudoku puzzles are logically solved, and leads the reader through a solution using the beginning stage of Sysudoku solving, the bypass.

The Sysudoku Basic page is an overview of the basic solving, which identifies the possible placements of numbers in cells, the candidates, while making many placements.  This  page leads to pages describing box marking and line marking. These two stages organize the surviving candidates for advanced methods.

The Sysudoku Advanced page is an overview of advanced solving, and a heading page leading advanced methods, including some developed on Sysudoku. Related methods are grouped on heading pages.

Sysudoku Trials page is a heading page for Sysudoku “extreme” methods. These involve the logical assembly of candidates into true or false armies of candidates for trial. Trials are a last resort in Sysudoku.