Sysudoku Advanced

This is a menu page for Guide pages that describe advanced solving methods, those that follow the completed assembly of candidates by the basic solving methods of Sysudoku Basic. These Guide pages explain spotting and execution of methods, and why they work.  Methods related to the same restrictions imposed on candidates by Sudoku rules are explained together.

To be humanly practical, a method opportunity must be recognized without extensive searching.  Often a timely constructed aide leads to the recognition.  The Sysudoku approach on advanced methods is to replace extensive searching by human vision, enhanced by indicated logical constructions and visual tools. The Advanced pages identify the recognition signals, your action, the result, and why it works, with general schematics, grid details and citing post examples by date.

The overview in About Advanced off About Sysudoku can answer many questions.

Uniqueness Methods 

Mostly about unique rectangles(UR) and hidden UR.  Includes extended UR.

Bi-value methods

Methods we construct a bv map for: Sue de Coq,  regular and irregular XYZ wings, BARN,

X and XY chains and loops

X-panels, grouping, XY railroads, eliminating and confirming ANL, remote pairs.

Fishing    Regular, Finned and Kraken Fish and X-panel analysis

ALS Methods ALS_XZ, Death Blossom, ALS-Wing

AIC Building AIC boomerangs, simple and complex 1-ways.

Medusa Coloring

Cluster building, traps, bridges, merges and wraps.  Coloring lite.

Pattern Analysis Patterns, orphans, freeform X-panel analysis, edge restrictions,