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Three Ways to Bypass an ABJ CREATORS

The second Akron Beacon Journal CREATORS of 3/15/22 Sudoku turned out to be a good one for comparing Sysudoku bypass solving without 3,4-fills, with 3-fills only, and with every resolvable 4-fill. Scroll back to see the givens grid above. My … Continue reading

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Dave’s Octuplet 

In this post, 3-fills leave a near solution in the bypass, with an entirely blank box. Box marking resolves it systematically. Seeing the four 5-fills and box corner candidates, you might suspect that this is a follow up on the … Continue reading

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KrazyDad Super-Tough 555

This post’s  basic trace on Super-Tough v. 5, b. 5, #5 illustrates the full use of 3-fills in the bypass, and closes with a six node remote pair. On the grid as the bypass is completed, S9 is marked as … Continue reading

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