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Logic Justifies Aligned Triple AIC Hinges

This post takes on a challenge puzzle 17 which follows the Figure 30.1 of the previous post, in Andrew Stuart’s The Logic of Sudoku.   A boomerang ANL shows why aligned triple candidates are eligible to be AIC hinge partners. Logic … Continue reading

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Hidden XY Chains Are Reverse XY AIC

This post demonstrates that every hidden XY chain has a recognizable AIC counterpart on the normal grid, nrc space. That means it is not necessary, if you are AIC literate,  to generate and maintain the grid spaces in which hXY … Continue reading

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Hodoku Nice Loop Mythology

This post dismisses the Stephens/Hobiger theory of cell links, propogation rules, and loop closing rules as unnecessary and overcomplicated. It uses the first two Hodoku AIC ANL examples to demonstrate the alternative Sysudoku chain construction process. As a blogger, one … Continue reading

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Revisiting Wex 435

This post updates the Weekly Extreme Review with a revisit of Wex 435, a puzzle that proved resistant to the single alternate Sue de Coq and was deemed the toughest in the review series, inspiring an extreme ALS trial, the … Continue reading

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Dessert at the Colorful AIC Feast

Happy 4th!  Last post, on Maestro 49 of Fall 2009 we mixed coloring and AIC to good effect, and discovered the joys of the slink/wink color shortcut in AIC chains. We continue now with two clusters. The second, red/orange cluster … Continue reading

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