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Ultrahardcore 91 Trials Unleash Beeby

Here is the basics launch on Stefan Heine’s ultrahardcore 91, which quickly runs my two assisting solvers out of humanly practical removals. A Single Alternate Sue de Coq  trial reduces two clusters two one, and produces  two critical clues. In … Continue reading

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Hodoku Chain Building

This post endorses Hodoku’s explanation of strong and weak links, regretfully confined to chains. His discussions of grouping and ALS nodes are supplemented for completeness. Hodoku graphic representation of chains by cell shading and candidate coloring is seen to be … Continue reading

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The ALS Node in the AIC

This post explains how an Almost Locked Set, an ALS, can be a node in an AIC, providing a slink between two winks connecting candidates of different numbers. In this blog the ALS was first applied in the Sysudoku version … Continue reading

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