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Building the ALS-wings of UHC 3

This post begins a review of examples of ALS-wings from the ultrahardcore review. The review will illustrate a DIY strategy for constructing them, that is compatible with the concurrent ALS mapping and ALS_XZ building processes of the previous posts. Ultrahardcore … Continue reading

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Scanning the Column ALS and Some ALS Coloring

This post displays the column and box ALS maps, and scans for AIC the columns. The box scans are started, but get interrupted by an ALS coloring expansion. We start with the ALS column map on ultrahardcore 311 . It … Continue reading

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Building ALS Maps With Suset Tables

This post displays the ALS map for rows of UHC 311, at the moment when the Beeby solver returned the first ALS_XZ. The suset ALS marking and building aid is introduced, and suset tables for rows, columns and boxes are … Continue reading

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