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Fleshing Out Stuart’s ALS Node Figure 30.1

Andrew Stuart’s The Logic of Sudoku, in a chapter on Almost Locked Sets, presents an example of an ALS node in a confirming Almost Nice Loop, as Figure 30.1. This post fills in the solution, before and after the series … Continue reading

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Andrew’s Solver Tames Worlds 200

This post walks through the “very  hard” part of the solution path taken by  Andrew Stuart’s Solver through puzzle 200 of The World’s Hardest Sudoku Book by authors unknown. This is a remarkable turn of events for a blog devoted … Continue reading

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Sudokuwiki Finds an ALS Boomerang

Insane v.4 b.8 n.5, the eighth puzzle of a review of the KrazyDad Insane collection on http://www.krazydad.com, defies Andrew Stuart’s Sudokuwiki, and requires the trial of a pattern sliced cluster to be brought down. But it survives long enough to add a … Continue reading

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The ALS Node in the AIC

This post explains how an Almost Locked Set, an ALS, can be a node in an AIC, providing a slink between two winks connecting candidates of different numbers. In this blog the ALS was first applied in the Sysudoku version … Continue reading

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