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Hodoku ALS-XZ

For your after Christmas Sudoku fix, this post is about Hodoku’s ALS-XZ, a label favored by most writers. I prefer the term ALS toxic sets, associating the method with others by the goal of identifying a set of candidates guaranteed … Continue reading

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Toxic ALS in Unsolvable 40

Our struggle with Unsolvable 40 continues with a detailed walk through of the search for ALS toxic sets, and an analysis of the its stuck number ALS. Here is our grid with row ALS superimposed on a thin, as yet … Continue reading

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Enumerating the ALS-XZ

This post was revised in October 2015 to update the enumeration method for ALS  toxic pairs demonstrated in the previous post. Here I also checkpoint the basic solving of demonstration puzzle of Sudoku Maestro 8-9, Fall 2009. In the next, … Continue reading

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