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Building the ALS-wings of UHC 3

This post begins a review of examples of ALS-wings from the ultrahardcore review. The review will illustrate a DIY strategy for constructing them, that is compatible with the concurrent ALS mapping and ALS_XZ building processes of the previous posts. Ultrahardcore … Continue reading

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UHC 355 Provokes a SASdC Trial

After a typical ultrahard Sysudoku Basic, Sudokuwiki starts with an APE so unusual as to change my working definition of the APE. APE stands for Aligned Pair Elimination.  From every example so far, I thought it was the two elimination … Continue reading

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Preparing a Pattern Trial on UHC 179

This post does Basic and reports humanly practical results from the two review solvers on  ultrahardcore 179. Then for a stall breaking trial, we turn to  the limited value patterns, and their discovery through the X-panel view and freeform drawing.  … Continue reading

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Hodoku ALS Chains

This post explains the Hodoku ALS wing and chain as special ALS node AIC ANL with toxic set groups defined by ALS nodes. This is how they should be constructed, so as to leave the mind’s door open for more … Continue reading

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