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An ALS_XZ Wrap Up of UHC 311

This post shows what it means to maintain three three ALS maps. ALS map updates are followed through a series of  ALS_XZ until a decisive coloring wrap on Stefan Heine’s ultrahardcore 311. We are exploring ALS mapping as ALS_XZ scans … Continue reading

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Continuing the Box ALS Scans for UHC 311

This post continues with the box to box, row and column scans for ALS_XZ.  The C and S ALS fit into one red/orange cluster with a trap. The clusters meet in cell r7c8, showing that blue or orange or both … Continue reading

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Scanning the Column ALS and Some ALS Coloring

This post displays the column and box ALS maps, and scans for AIC the columns. The box scans are started, but get interrupted by an ALS coloring expansion. We start with the ALS column map on ultrahardcore 311 . It … Continue reading

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