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LPO Color Trial on the HM Easter Monster

LPO pattern analysis is enlisted in the primary color trial of Hanson and Marans’ Easter Monster. Two clusters have been constructed by linking the 4/6 slink loops of W and S boxes along with the 3/7 slink loops of the … Continue reading

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LPO Color Trials on the Easter Monster

Unable to merge the corner clusters of the Easter Monster left by the opening volley, the previous post put four possible cluster merges on the trial docket, working from the solving grid of post 3/18/14. This post disposes of two, … Continue reading

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The KrazyDad Insane Review Begins

This post begins the Sysudoku review of Jim Bumgardner’s toughest collection, the Insane level,  with a demonstration of cluster extension in Medusa coloring, via Limited Pattern Overlay.  The post was updated in 10/18. The first review puzzle is Insane v.4, … Continue reading

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