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Funster Extreme 18 Stays in the Lines

After a brutal encounter with the bypass, what’s left of funx 18 is riddled with bv. A cluster covering  half the grid expands with a trap to wrap a color and finish the puzzle. The post concludes with an update on … Continue reading

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Two of Rebecca Bean’s Less Extreme

Here the Rebecca Bean Extremely Hard review closes with a line marking finish and an easy coloring. The collection is far from extremely hard, if the sample of 12 pre-selected for this review is typical. On the way to line … Continue reading

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A Run Through Ardson’s Very Hard Volume 2

This post begins a review of A.D. Ardson’s Sudoku Very Hard Puzzles, volume 2. The review will cover 10 pre-selected puzzles from 400, every 40 starting with number 38. Well, almost. The puzzle at the end of the previous post … Continue reading

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Tough, But Not So Nasty

Continuing with the review of Frank Longo’s The Nastiest Sudoku Book Ever, a sysudokie faces another hard judgement on a Single Alternate Sue de Coq, in Nastiest 662. If the trial is archived, the puzzle withstands major blows before giving … Continue reading

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Hodoku Grouped AIC I

This post uses two grouped AIC ANL from Hodoku to illustrate how such chains are inspired and constructed. After the first, readers are challenged to try this approach on the following examples, with checkpoint to follow. I was prepared to … Continue reading

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