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Moito’s Road to Sudoku Mastery

My first Sysudoku review of 2018 is one of a host of new collection books with the same grid format, some with an unexplained rating system, some with listed authors A.D. Ardson and Rebecca Bean. Moito and Bean’s  Extremely Hard … Continue reading

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Dragging in Only Extreme 304

This post continues with three more trials, two to reach a solution, and one to guard against multiple solutions, in Castillo’s Only Extreme 304. This is getting reeeaallly extreme. Last week, we managed to extend and XY-chain across the grid … Continue reading

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HM Easter Monster Solved

This post finishes the HM Easter Monster with Sue de Coq, X-chain ANL, coloring trials, and a remote pair. It ends with a summary of the Hanson and Marans review In the last post, trials of blue and green wrapped … Continue reading

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