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Sudokuwiki Reaches Its Digit Forcing Chain

This post illustrates the power of coloring to employ the strong link network, and again rejects Andrew Stuart’s Digit Forcing Chains?. The post bypasses the Nakamoto Extreme 23 coloring wrap of the previous post, and follows Sudokuwiki AIC building  to … Continue reading

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Sudokuwiki Finds an ALS Boomerang

Insane v.4 b.8 n.5, the eighth puzzle of a review of the KrazyDad Insane collection on http://www.krazydad.com, defies Andrew Stuart’s Sudokuwiki, and requires the trial of a pattern sliced cluster to be brought down. But it survives long enough to add a … Continue reading

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Digit Forcing Chains?

Is Andrew Stuart’s Digit Forcing Chains a useful new solving technique? Actually, no.  Andrew’s  sudowiki site introduces digit forcing chains with examples that raise – and seem to settle – that question. Needless confusion is created by this unwarranted introduction. First, have you … Continue reading

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