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Completing CLEF for Unsolvable 197

This post notes how base candidate combinations of an exocet can be reduced in additional ways, then continues the exocet trials of Unsolvable 197 by means of Sysudoku Chute Lettering Exocet Filter.  This technique is, in part, a systematic way … Continue reading

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CLEF-ing Unsolvable 197

This post is a completely traced report of a solving of Unsolvable 197 by Sysudoku Chute Lettering Exocet Filtering.  The Unsolvable 197 double exocet is in the North band, in contrast to the earlier CLEF solved Unsolvable 190, with the … Continue reading

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Archiving Exocet Trials in Unsolvable 190

This post begins a series  on alternative approaches to trials of base cell solutions of an exocet. This one applies the chute lettering to UnSolvable 190. Then, instead of immediate exocet trials, it begins a systematic resolution of its 8 … Continue reading

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