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Softening left page ultrahardcore 353

Here is another puzzle the DIY oriented solvers suggest is too hard for human solving, even as the moves they find are too instructive to ignore.  This post gets quickly to ALS methods that demand exhaustive enumeration from the DIY … Continue reading

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Heine’s ultrahardcore 1 Starts the Review of Left Pages

This post whittles on a tough grid, duplicating results of the two solvers by different means. When the solvers stall, we find a Single Alternate Sue de Coq for readers to try. Sysudoku Basic brings four clues and  slinks, but … Continue reading

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Nakex 183 Hides the Keys

The last review puzzle, Nakamoto Extreme 183, follows the collection’s pattern of hiding easier removals behind methods that are very difficult to spot. An effective defense is to maintain bv maps, X-panels, and coloring clusters carefully as more advanced results … Continue reading

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Funster Extreme 46 Not So Much

The review of Charles Timmerman’s funster Hard to Extreme Sudoku continues with Extreme 46. It’s  entertainingly advanced. Extreme 46 has its moments.  The basic trace is spread across the page with 3-fill after 3-fill. Two unusual events occur in box … Continue reading

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