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Lite Coloring in a Red Russel Special

This post explains lite coloring as I understand it from comments and emails from its apparent inventor, Dov Mittelman. I only know Dov as a reader of this blog. He (or she) does his analysis in his head and on … Continue reading

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Tom Sheldon on Sudoku Solving

Happy Mardi Gras! Here are the notes l took in Tom Sheldon’s Master Class.  I don’t like to start without pictures, so I’ll checkpoint the line marking of Master Class # 70 first. The 2D trace trails off after a … Continue reading

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Subsets by Susets

This post explains the concept of locked sets, and the terms associated with them.  It suggests how to find them, and includes  a scratchpad version of a common computer algorithm for detecting them. A locked set is defined with reference … Continue reading

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