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Lucky Panda 192

This post details the basics and the easy solution of the fourth puzzle of the Lucky Panda Sudoku review, “insanely difficult” 192.  It’s not with a bv map. The bypass starts with a 3-fill and immediately resolves two. Then slink … Continue reading

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A Hidden Single Dispatches Beware 165

This post continues a review of Will Shortz’ Hard Sudoku, v.1. with the sixth of ten pre-selected puzzles. Each one is resolved at the basic level. The detailed review requires time and patience,   but its value is the detailed examples … Continue reading

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SudoRules’ Hidden Singles Reverse Engineered

Here, Denis Berthier’s trace of a SudoRules basic level puzzle in his The Hidden Logic of Sudoku is reverse engineered to show how it finds hidden singles. Although the method is related to line marking, it is not a practical … Continue reading

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