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Fleshing Out Stuart’s ALS Node Figure 30.1

Andrew Stuart’s The Logic of Sudoku, in a chapter on Almost Locked Sets, presents an example of an ALS node in a confirming Almost Nice Loop, as Figure 30.1. This post fills in the solution, before and after the series … Continue reading

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A Little Harder Ardson v2. 358

Next to last, and getting beyond the XY railway, is A.D. Ardson Very Hard, v.2 358. Here is the basic trace, including an X-wing in the close of line marking. The column 6-wing  was found in line marking closure, when … Continue reading

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Berthier’s xyzt Chain

This post concludes my reading of Denis Berthier’s The Hidden Logic of Sudoku, with two example puzzles to illustrate his xyzt-chain. While it is good to be aware of Berthier’s “t” versions of classic XY chains, I don’t recommend a comprehensive … Continue reading

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