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Remaining THLS XV hXY Avoided

Here we complete the report on the puzzles selected in The Hidden Logic of Sudoku to show that hidden XY chains are an “inescapable tool for the advanced player”, and therefore  require the generation and maintenance of symmetry grids. None … Continue reading

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Core Patterns in the Easter Monster

This post continues the siege of the Easter Monster with a pattern analysis seeking to merge four corner clusters into two. The previous post found patterns supporting a merge of blue and yellow. There are three more merge mappings to … Continue reading

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The Orphans of GM 95

This post demonstrates an effective attack on an obscuring cloud of candidates of a single number, based on freeform enumeration of patterns.  It finishes the severely imbalanced review puzzle, GM 95, from Xaq Pitkow’s Sudoku, vol 3. A cloud of … Continue reading

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