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Ultra 133 “Simple” Chains and Discontinuous Loops

After an productive naked triple in line marking, and two bv scan methods, left page ultrahardcore 133 starts AIC building with Beeby “simple” chains. Then we take in two “discontinuous loops, i.e. simple 1-ways. The decisive ALS AIC’s and colorful … Continue reading

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PencilPress 65 and Master Class 90

This post continues the review of PencilPress Extreme Sudoku and the update of the review of Master Class Sudoku by Tom Sheldon. Each PencilPress bottom right seems to have its own little novelty.  Hopefully, you found the one coming up … Continue reading

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Ardson Very Hard v.2 278, Plus 38 Comments

A conversation about multiple solution puzzles and coloring may be developing, as the A.D. Ardson review plods on.  On Ardv2 278, hidden pairs (naked triples) compensate for a weak bypass.  The puzzle falls to yet another XY chain. Two regulars … Continue reading

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