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Wex 431 Slips by Sue, but is Caught

Finally a Weekly Extreme gets through the Sue de Coq gauntlet. Or so I thought. But after a joyful romp into XYZ-wing technique, and coloring aided by pattern analysis, I get to demonstrate instead another resource of my single alternative … Continue reading

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Medusa Cluster Merge by LPO Coloring

This post checkpoints a finish on Insane 415 and demonstrates a cluster merge by LPO with Insane 425, as part of a review of KrazyDad’s Insane collection on http://www.krazydad.com . I trust that you found something on the grid of a tamed … Continue reading

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Shortz’ Ferocious Hall of Mirrors

This post recounts the solving of Beware 190, the review puzzle from Will Shortz’ collection book Ferocious Sudoku which has multiple solutions.  On another multiple solution puzzle, Frank Longo’s  Absolutely Nasty Level 4 puzzle 61(Review Snaps II 3/12/13), I used … Continue reading

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