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Pattern Trials Peel the UHC 487 Onion

The ultrahardcore review ends, with Stefan Heine’s 487 giving up a naked single and two skyscrapers, and a jaw dropping complex 1-way, shuts down the solver team. Slicing at it with three onion peeling pattern trials leaves very little for … Continue reading

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More 8-Pattern Trials on Unsolvable 190

This post continues  the resolution of the 8-patterns of Unsolvable 190 to a conclusion.  In the previous post, setup for the  double exocet solution was defined by a chute lettering table.  A freeform enumeration on the 8-panel divided six patterns … Continue reading

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Finishing More Extreme 200

This post continues, slicing the 9 patterns of More Extreme 200, and conducting trials of the divided sets. A brief, but decisive cluster merge ends the struggle. Antoine was right. #200 is outstanding. Following a pink/olive analysis on the 9 … Continue reading

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A Trials Experiment with Golden Nugget

This post and the next illustrate the ability of an LPO pattern trial and Sue de Coq verification trials to penetrate the candidate fog of an extreme puzzle, thus allowing advanced methods to solve it.  The subject in this case … Continue reading

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