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The Insane 455 Pink/Olive Pattern Trial

This post reports on the updated KrazyDad Insane still at its posted date of August 20, 2013, but now updated to continue the introduction of pattern slicing, or pink/olive pattern analysis, by showing how it leads to decisive trials when … Continue reading

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The Olive Side of Fata Morgana

This post illustrates with Fata Morgana the practice of taking both sides of a trial, to be sure that a contradiction is found. The pink trial led to the solution. Fully expecting a contradiction, the olive trial begins with the … Continue reading

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Fata Morgana Wrapped in Pink Olive

In this post, the solution of the well known monster Fata Morgana is reached via pattern analysis, on a trial of pink patterns vs olive patterns, a frequently used Sysudoku extreme method. In the previous post, the orange candidates of … Continue reading

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