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Hodoku Goes Fishing

This post reviews Sysudoku techniques and tools for regular and finned fish, using them to enumerate the finned fish in a Hodoku Franken fish (boxes and lines) example. The introductory Hodoku Fish page describes the highly theoretical approach coded into … Continue reading

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Bob Goes Fishing

This post examines Bob Hanson’s grid analysis, the Sudoku Assistant approach to regular fish, as described in Sudoku Assistant – Solving Techniques. Bob Hanson actually takes his generalized method fishing! Out on Sudoku lake, the GN looks like this: If … Continue reading

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What Regular Fish to Fish For

Come let us reason together about regular fishing, i.e. finding X-wings, swordfish, or jellyfish on an X-panel .  We look at sets of lines in one direction, then the other.  Rows and columns.  We seek a set of n lines … Continue reading

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