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Almost Extreme Bean ExHdv10 II-29

Here we have a regular XYZ wing with two irregular victims, multiple coloring clusters and wraps, one, by an AIC almost nice loop. Rebecca Beam’s Extremely Hard v.10 II-29 is borderline extreme. Basic is tough, but routine.   Except for … Continue reading

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Sadistic Sudoku Review

No, it isn’t a sadistic review. I’m reviewing Arnold Snyder’s Sadistic Sudoku collection of puzzles. Arnold’s solving advice, as presented in his “Sudoku Formula” books 2 and 3, will be analyzed in the following post. Two typical review puzzles are … Continue reading

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Closing the Weekly Extreme Review

This is the final post of the Sysudoku WEC collection review. It opens with a checkpoint on the finish of a pink/olive pattern analysis and with it, Weekly Extreme Competition 435. A review table shows the features found in each … Continue reading

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Absolutely Nasty Level 4 Review

I’m doing a quick sysudoku grading review of Frank Longo’s Level 4 collection.  It is based on 10 puzzles selected by prior rule. This post reports the general level, with backup data. The next will have some very entertaining snapshots … Continue reading

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Grading the Master Class

Tom Sheldon deserves a lot of credit, or blame if you prefer,  for introducing me to serious Sudoku solving.  I pored over the instruction section of his puzzle book, Sudoku Master Class, intrigued by the very idea of a master … Continue reading

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