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The Sysudoku Cross Line Exocet Filter

This post introduces a human engineered filtering method for reducing  exocet trials, in number and complexity.  The method is designed to follow the Sysudoku Chute Lettering  technique  introduced previously in this series of posts on the Andrew Stuart Unsolvables .  … Continue reading

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Sysudoku for Unsolvabrights

In this post, two distinctly Sysudoku techniques have roles in a pattern trial of an Andrew Stuart Unsolvable, this time #183 of January 16, 2016. First, pattern (template) analysis on two numbers finds compatible partial patterns for a coloring trial. … Continue reading

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Coloring LPO

We follow up the LPO attack on Maestro 22 in this post to illustrate how coloring enhances LPO pattern enumeration. The clues from pattern 7a  yield N8=>NEhs8=>NEr3np46=> NWr3np89=>Nr3np69, and E9m=>SE9m.  The 5 patterns yield a 5-clue in E. The 2-panel … Continue reading

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