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A BARN Storming UHC 353 Finish

This posts finishes left page ultrahardcore 353, using several notable moves to expand a cluster.  Sudokuwiki starts it with a grouped terminal ANL with line and box winks, a regular swordfish expands the cluster, trapping four candidates. Expansion creates an … Continue reading

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Beeby Finishes ultrahardcore 91

The Beeby series continues on trial wounded ultrahardcore 91 until the expanding coloring cluster can  take it home. Is your trial-less solution ready? Next up t is  a 1-way from 1r6c3 that is exended back to 3r2c3 for a second … Continue reading

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Other Pattern Trials for Unsolvable 190

This post continues with UnSolveable 190 to point out  alternative pattern trials leading to the solution, by clearing the monster fog of candidates.. Here again is the  grid after the blue pattern trial of the first 190 post.  Considering  the … Continue reading

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