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Weekly Extreme 426 Traces and Trials

We open the Weekly Extreme Competition review with #426. My selection for the review is simply the consecutive weeks, from here to #435. I’ll provide complete tracing to the point of guaranteed collapse. I want to particularly welcome WEC players. … Continue reading

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Solving The Golden Nugget

Just in time for New Years, the Golden Nugget falls on the fourth exocet trial.  The monster gets creamed by the convergence of three powerful, but entirely accessible sysudoku tactics:   exocet trials, enumerated and sliced patterns, and the Sue de … Continue reading

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A Tough Nugget Removal

This post illustrates how advanced techniques are employed in a series  of Sue de Coq verification trials on a super extreme puzzle.  The series was begun on the Golden Nugget in the previous post,  with a partial pattern of five … Continue reading

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KD Insane Review Update is Completed

This post highlights the updates on the 2019 review of the  KrazyDad Insane collection on http://www.krazydad.com. In 2019, the collection continues to stand out as a challenge to human solvers, and a source of innovations.  Continued congratulations to Krazydad’s dad, Jim … Continue reading

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Sysudoku Sue de Coq

This post details forms of Sue de Coq  not revealed  in the founding post of October 24, 2005, widening the definition of classic Sue de Coq to all ALS and including a single alternate version. It introduces another form of … Continue reading

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