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The Volume 10 Rebecca Bean Extremely Hard Sudoku

This post begins the second review of a Rebecca Bean collection, this one prompted by a clever cover, and similarities in format to recently reviewed collections attributed to Moito Publishing, A.D. Ardson and James D. Glover. Here we resolve Extremely … Continue reading

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Almost Extreme 175 Tags Five Advanced Bases

This post reaches the halfway point in the review of Manuel Castillo’s Only Extreme collection, with Only Extreme 175. A double UR, a regular Sue de Coq and irregular XYZ-wing prepare the bv field for coloring, and an XY chain … Continue reading

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BV Scan Satisfaction in Saturday 2

This post continues the visit of Sudoku Satisfaction readers to Sysudoku with a tour of  advanced method principles applied in a Sysudoku solution of Satisfaction’s Saturday 2 puzzle. The roles of Rick Seemel’s Solution Rectangles I – IV in the … Continue reading

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The Nastiest Ever Party II

This post displays some sysudokie snapshots from Nastiest 618, 640 and 651, The bv scan rules, with line marked fish, unique rectangles, Sue de Coq, XYZ-wings, and XY-chains.  A  Sysudoku technique formerly rated extreme gets to stop for a drink. … Continue reading

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Hodoku Sue de Coq in 2015

This post reveals the Hodoku view of Sue de Coq, reflecting an earlier expert consensus, to be dated. His classic examples are good, but the examples of Hodoku’s “Extended Variation” of Sue de Coq are better interpreted as simply the … Continue reading

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Taking on More Extreme 200

This post and the next checkpoint a sysudokie solution of Antoine Alary’s extra tough More Extreme 200. Sysudokie readers are given an opportunity to get a little extreme, as well. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s do the 200. But first, … Continue reading

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The Snake Attacks Easter Monster

This time we review the implications of Sudoku Snake’s naked double loop attack on Easter Monster. It is posed as an independent method of attack, i.e. one that is not dependent of the EM distribution of given clues.  But is … Continue reading

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