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Coloring Sue de Coq and APE

Coloring is a general purpose weapon.  It limits the puzzle’s  ability to satisfy the restrictions imposed by  Sue de Coq and APE .  This explains why sysudokies  record the “almost” patterns found in the bv scan, and return to them … Continue reading

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Sysudoku Sue de Coq

This post details forms of Sue de Coq  not revealed  in the founding post of October 24, 2005, widening the definition of classic Sue de Coq to all ALS and including a single alternate version. It introduces another form of … Continue reading

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De Coq on Sue de Coq

This post explains Sue de Coq and invites readers to enumerate all instances of it in the originating post’s puzzle. Sysudoku places Sue de Coq among the first advanced methods to try after basic solving is completed.  It is done … Continue reading

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Introducing Advanced Solving Posts

My next series of posts describe and illustrate well known solving methods which I label as advanced, simply because they use the field of candidates discovered by basic solving techniques. These methods organize slinks (strong links) and winks(weak links) in … Continue reading

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Slink Marking

This post is about the slink marking, the Sysudoku method of pencil marking.  It explains why this form is far more useful than the keypad system seen in of most Sudoku publications.  This fact is demonstrated here with a historically … Continue reading

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