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Suset Jelly in nrc Space

Here we work through an advanced supersymmetry example from The Hidden Logic of Sudoku, without the symmetries.  The humanly practical tools of Sysudoku are entirely adequate to the task. The theme of this review is that the burdensome emulation SudoRules, … Continue reading

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Fishing in Lake Supersymmetry

This post reveals that the symmetries and supersymmetries of THLS, as applied to subsets and fish, are identical to a Sysudoku tool that reduces these Sudoku entities to numerical input for a well-known algorithm.  This shows conclusively that maintaining extra … Continue reading

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Hodoku Goes Fishing

This post reviews Sysudoku techniques and tools for regular and finned fish, using them to enumerate the finned fish in a Hodoku Franken fish (boxes and lines) example. The introductory Hodoku Fish page describes the highly theoretical approach coded into … Continue reading

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Subsets by Susets

This post explains the concept of locked sets, and the terms associated with them.  It suggests how to find them, and includes  a scratchpad version of a common computer algorithm for detecting them. A locked set is defined with reference … Continue reading

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