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Hodoku Goes Fishing

This post reviews Sysudoku techniques and tools for regular and finned fish, using them to enumerate the finned fish in a Hodoku Franken fish (boxes and lines) example. The introductory Hodoku Fish page describes the highly theoretical approach coded into … Continue reading

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Gordonian UR-ology

This post continues a review of advanced instruction in Peter Gordon’s Guide to Solving Sudoku, by explaining why unique rectangle methods need not be renamed “Gordonian rectangles”, and why you can’t count on Gordon’s Guide to make you an expert … Continue reading

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Hanson Finned Fishing with ALS

Here Bob Hanson’s technique of identifying finned fish through almost locked grids, as reported in Sudoku Assistant – Solving Techniques, is explained and recommended as part of the Sysudoku x-panel analysis. Kraken analysis, neglected by Hanson, is demonstrated to produce … Continue reading

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